Dr. Ashwani Jojra


He is serving society since last 45 years and his work got recognition, award and respect in society as well as governments. He served the society from both front - social and government ie. Ministry of Health & Ministry of Home Affairs. He was also part of various consultative committees. Superannuated as district Agriculture officer after serving 35 years dynamic govt services in different regions.

Shri Sanjay Sharma


Financial analyst as education and working experience in wide range of sector – Investment Promotion, Economic Development, Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Began career as Equity Research Analyst to Director / CEO. Tough task master and driving force behind this organization and has enormous motivation to run without losing focus and efficiency.

Shri Shourya Doval

Temple Economy

Shri. Doval Doval is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He is MBA from London Business School and also from Chicago Booth School of Business. He has studied economics in its wider perspective. He is also well versed with Indian Traditions and Philosophies. With his knowledge and passion, we are sure that he would be contributing a lot to temple economics.

Shri Ved Veer Arya


Dr. Vedveer Arya is Mission Head of the ITIHASA initiative. He is IDAS officer holding high office in Ministry of Defense. He holds a master’s degree in Sanskrit from Delhi University and specializes in Paninian grammar. He has done extensive research on the chronological history of ancient India and authored three books.

Major Ramesh Upadhyay

Mukhya Prashikshak

He comes from a farmer family. He did his early education from Patna and Calcutta and in 1973 he got BA (Honours) degree in Sahitya Ratna from Bangalore. Along with Post Graduation in Management, he has also obtained PG Diploma in Human Resource Development and master’s degree in Ghandhian and Peace Study. In 1976, he joined the Indian Army and served the country for 22 years. After taking voluntary retirement from the army in 1998, he became devoted to social work and Hindutva, and visited 38 thousand villages of Maharashtra to spread the propaganda of Sanatan Dharma among the people and introduced them of the importance of temples.

Justice S N Srivastav

Legal Cell

(Eternal Samadhan for The Legal and Logical Solution) Justice Sambhu Nath Ji is highly experienced and credible person of this country. He served nation as High Court Judge – Uttar Pradesh, Senior Standing Council Government of India for Allahabad High court, Chief Lokayukt – Chhattisgarh and presently President of Indian Federation of United Nation Associations (New Delhi). He is former Chairman of various commissions i.e. State Police Complaint Authority – Uttarakhand, Special Enquiry commission - Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh.

Mr. Savio Rodrigues

Press & Media

He is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of the news & information portals GoaChronicle.com and IndianExpose.com. He is also the Founder & CEO of Kaydence & Kianna - a startup promoting firm with investment interest in agriculture, artificial intelligence, healthcare, art, and fashion. He grew up in the Middle East and later came back to India to serve the nation.

Shri. Anoop Yogi

Sampark Pramukh

He is MA, MPhil, BeD., PhD. Working as a History lecturer in History Department Haryana. He is National coordinator and general secretary Akhil Bhartvarsiya Nath Samaj, RSS National research council member for DNT, Patron backward welfare association Haryana, State President Human rights security organization Haryana, State President of teacher’s welfare association of Haryana, Coordinator of Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh Haryana.

Smt. Anita Sharma

Mahila Pramukh

Born at Noweshra, jammu in 1965. She took care of her family (daughter) for initial period. After completion of all the responsibilities at home She decided to focus on social work and realized that she excels at it. Involved in social service from the last 7 yrs in Hindhu mahila parishad at Durga wahani and then shifted to dharam jagran as a Prant Sanyojika and work for 7 yrs.

नेतृत्व (LEADERSHIP)

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri. Sanjay Sharma Convener
2 Smt. Anita Sharma Mahila Pramukh
3 Shri. Anshuman Dogra National Co-ordinator (Sant Samaj)
4 Dr. Ashwani Jojra Prajapati Co-convener
5 Shri. Chandan Kumar Co-ordinator (Social Media)
6 Dr. Ipsit Singh Co-ordinator (ITIHASA)
7 Prof. Jaya Kapale National Coordinator (Aurobindo Samman)
8 Adv. Jitendra Thakur National Co-ordinator (Sanatan Bhav Jagruti)
9 Dr. Md. Yahya Saba Co-convener (ITIHASA)
10 Shri. Munna Pathak Sah-Sangathan Mantri
11 Shri. Nirmal Vaid Chief National Co-ordinator
12 Smt. Pratibha Shivansh National Co-ordinator
13 Adv. Rakesh Mudgal Sanagthan Mantri (Legal Cell)
14 Major. Ramesh Upadhyay Prashikshan Pramukh
15 Dr. Uday Mishra Co-ordinator (Mandir Economy)
16 Adv. Vallari Jathar Sanyojak (Legal Cell)
17 Smt. Vandana Sharma Convener, USA
18 Shri. Yogi Anoop Nath Sampark Pramukh
19 Dr. Yogita Mandole National Co-ordinator
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Prof. AB Shukla Chief Advisor
2 Shri. Abhay Sharma Advisor (IT & Technology)
3 Dr. Ankit Shah Advisor (Mandir Economy)
4 Dr. DP Singh Advisor (ITIHASA)
5 Dr. Gopi Rishi Advisor
6 Smt. Manoshi Sinha Advisor (History)
7 Smt. Meenakshi Sharan Advisor
8 Shri. Prashant Kotwal Advisor
9 Dr. Rajan Gupta Advisor
10 Prof. Rakesh Pandey Advisor (ITIHASA)
11 Mr. Robert Rosario Advisor
12 Shri. Satish Chandra Advisor
13 Shri. Savio Rodrigues Advisor (Press & Media)
14 Dr. Soumy Pandey Advisor (Medical Seva)
15 Adv. Subuhi Khan Advisor
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Bholaram Gujar Mentor
2 Shri. Chandranshu Ji Maharaj Mentor
3 Shri. Charudatta Aphle Mentor
4 Dr. Chinmay Pandey Mentor
5 Shri. Dr. (Capt.) Sikander Rizvi Mentor
6 Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni Mentor
7 Shri. K. Siddhartha Mentor
8 Prof. Kuldeep Ahnihotri Mentor
9 Shri. Raj Kumar Bhatia Chief Mentor
10 Shri. Rameshwar Mishra Pankaj Mentor
11 Justice S N Srivastava Mentor (Legal)
12 Dr. Sahajanand Prasad Singh Mentor (Medical Seva)
13 Shri. Shankaranand Mentor
14 Dr. Kuldip Chand Agnihotri Mentor
15 Shri. Shourya Doval Mentor (Mandir Economy)
16 Shri. Somaling Swami Mentor
17 Shri. Vedveer Arya Mentor (ITIHASA)
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri. Pavan Srivastava Chief Patron
2 Shri. Deepak Jain Patron - Haryana
3 Shri. Dev Prasad Sharma Patron - Punjab
4 Shri. Ganesh Naik Patron - Maharashtra
5 Shri. Praveen Sharma Patron - Delhi
6 Shri. Sudesh Agrawal Patron - UAE
7 Shri. Suresh Prabhu Patron - Maharashtra