Shashwat Bharatam’ is about promoting the basic essence of our Great Nation … Bharat - the Social, Economic, Historic & Political elements about ancient India. The contextual significance, not only today but what has been always, is something that is of immense importance.It is an online platform to create and spread awareness and take up assignments to support - Swabhimani Bharat, Parakrami Bharat, Sanatani Bharat, Swawlambi Bharat.

Evolving the Faith:

Promotion to create awareness about the Sanatan customs and the scientific reasons which backs the same.

Strengthening Yourself:

Creating awareness about the goldmine of various Yoga systems, Sadhana &  Mantras.

Recognizing Legends:

Promotion of regional historic figures and their significant role in the growth and prosperity of this Great Nation

Socio-Economic Model:

Awareness about our rich traditions of business & economic models. Its application in modern context

Lessons from History:

Knowing the real history of Bharat from non-European sources and take the practical lesson.

“Shashwat Devalay”  is working to connect, empower and synchronize the temples as Nodal Points (Kendras)  of Multiple benefits for the Body, Mind and Soul – re-creating them from being just Bhakti Kendra to -

  • Seva Kendra
  • Sanskar Kendra
  • Shiksha Kendra
  • Swarozgar Kendra

We are Welcoming You

Participate and make the difference to the Hindu Society. Let us prove "We Can Take Care of Our Own". We need everyone to join us.